Vocabulary Spelling City Review

So many homeschoolers scratch their heads at which curriculum to use for spelling and vocabulary.  Not only that, but then they have to come up with engaging ways for their students to actually learn and master the material.  One solid choice for this need is Vocabulary Spelling City.This website has tons of premade spelling lists […]

This Week in History by A Thomas Jefferson Education REVIEW

                         As a homeschooling parent, one website I’ve heard a lot about is A Thomas Jefferson Education and their books, CDs, and downloads.  To really understand their philosophy on education and how to effectively teach (and learn), check out the 3 Types of Education article on […]

Schoolhouseteachers.com Review

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has been a leader in quality information, articles, and reviews relevant to homeschoolers for years.  They are a number one source of information for many homeschooling families, and have truly risen to the occasion as far as technology!  The latest thing they’ve begun to offer is an online service and website […]

Zane Education Review

Zane Education is a great resource for homeschooling families.  There are so many online educational videos on a variety of topics in many subjects, including art, geography, biology, history, literature, mathematics, and more.  There are over 2500 videos on this site for ages K-12 (really through adult).The Missing Piece refers to subtitles on the videos.  This was added […]

Our Homeschool Curriculum for 2012-2013 (Back to Homeschool Blog Hop)

Now that you guys heard what I had to say about the different homeschool methods, now I’m going to share with you our curriculum choices for 2012-2013!This year, I will be homeschooling my 2nd grade daughter, my kindergartener son, and occupying my 2 (almost 3) year old son and my baby son.  It is going […]