About Jenn

I’m Jenn, wife to Ross since 2002.  I have 5 beautiful children!  They are Grace (2005), Michael (2007), Heath (2009), Charlie (2012), and Ethan (2014).

This is My Family

Photo Credit Tina Wawzysko of Tina W Photography

I began this blog as a way to share things with friends and family.

The whole thing began when I realized that I seem to be the “go to girl” for many people about a variety of things.  People I know online and in real life are always asking me such great questions!  Questions about simple things like how to use a coupon code to more complicated things like what birthing options are available to them in their specific situation.  I love answering questions and started to think about it more… and decided that a blog would be a great platform to share the questions and answers with others! 🙂

If you want, you can check out the post that started it all.

About My Family

We are a homeschooling family and are actively involved in several groups to keep us sane and socialized!  I stay at home with our children and have enjoyed being able to see those little lightbulbs go off when they learn something or acquire a new skill.

In August ’11, we moved from a mid-sized west Texas town to the north Dallas, TX area!  Woohoo!  We had been wanting to move this direction for years and are really thrilled to have finally made it.  As of March 2013, we have since moved to a new home we built in Fort Worth, Texas.  We’re all pretty darn excited about it.

Now For the Resume!

While I’m here giving a biography, I’ll also add that I have a BA in Child & Family Studies and have been licensed in Texas as a massage therapist since 2003. 🙂  I am also trained as a childbirth educator and doula.

I spend a good deal of my time helping to oversee several online groups, for blogging and homeschooling, mostly.  I also volunteer as Fundraising Committee Lead for a local non-profit.

Important Things to Me:

  • I’m proud to homeschool.
  • I love advocating a healthy lifestyle.  For us, that has meant doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox and we went Paleo for 9 months in 2013.  I also hit the gym 4-5 times a week.
  • Birth and babies are near and dear to me!   I’m a strong advocate for VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and have had 2 homebirth VBACs and 2 hospital VBACs myself! 🙂  I’m also a huge supporter of breastfeeding.
  • I love more ‘natural’ or ‘green’ things.

Thank you for stopping by!