Review: Applied Labels

So I received a great product in the mail last week.  They are called Applied Labels and they are dishwasher and laundry-safe labels.  I received a sample package that included their basic labels, as well as a sheet of Shoe Shields and a sheet of Blank Clothing Backers.  I chose for my labels to say […]

Review: Brilliant Screen Cleaning Wipes (and a giveaway!) CLOSED

 CLOI was given the opportunity to review a 5-pack of Brilliant Screen Cleaning Wipes with SR-8.  Each screen cleaner packet includes a wet wipe and a dry wipe for cleaning the screens of your phone, tv, computer, or PDA.I used my sample package on my television, our 2 computer monitors, and on my Google Chrome OS […]

RAQ: Why do you homeschool?

I get this question a lot.People homeschool for so many reasons that I imagine it’s kind of confusing trying to decipher why someone would choose homeschooling over other options! I was a semester and a half from becoming a certified teacher.  At the time, my daughter was about a year old and I was newly […]

Review: Valentine’s Cookies

Okay, folks – YUM!  I received the most delicious Valentine’s Day Cookies yesterday from I could not WAIT to open them up!  (Neither could my kids…)  Isn’t that the cutest box EVER?  So cute!  It is covered in a picture of the sweet smiley face cookies.  My children looking quite excited about the cookies…  These things are […]

52 in 52 Review: Somewhere Over the Sun by Adi Alsaid (and a giveaway!) CLOSED

For week 3 in my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge, I read Somewhere Over the Sun, the debut novel by Adi Alsaid.  I connected with this author over on Twitter and was able to obtain a complimentary copy of this book for my review.  Don’t worry, that didn’t cloud my view on the book!  […]