RAQ: What are your pet peeves?

I have so many, honestly, but I try to be laid back about it as much as I can.One pet peeve that I cannot ignore is people who talk and talk and talk and talk and talk… I guess just to hear their own voices.  Unfortunately, my dear sweet 5 year old daughter fits in […]

Reminder! Clinere Giveaway

Get in on my giveaway! Clinere Ear Cleaners ends 1/9 🙂  Easy entry!

RAQ: How are you taking care of YOURSELF this year?

So someone emailed me and asked how I was planning to take care of myself this year. I believe this was prompted by a discussion we’d had in which I talked about how I feel like I’m out of touch with myself as a *woman* these days. Honestly, some days I forget what it’s like […]

New Award Debut: Jenn’s RAQ VIP! :)

Hey, everybody! I decided to give out an award to folks I find interesting and my very first recipient of the Jenn’s RAQ VIP award is Grace M. of I hope you guys will ALL go check out her blog. She has awesome giveaways and is a really neat mama. I came up with a […]

Review: Clinere Ear Cleaners (and a Giveaway, too!)

Giveaway is now CLOSED.  Thank you! I cannot TELL you how many times I have taken my kids to the pediatrician only to have the doctor whip out a devise to clean out their ears *just* so he could see in there! My kids have the grossest ear gunk! YUCK. My husband isn’t much better, […]