Clinere Giveaway WINNER!

Time to pick a winner for our CLINERE Ear Cleaners giveaway! ūüôāI used Random.Org to choose a winner for me: So our winner is STEPH! ūüôā¬† I will be emailing you for your contact information.¬†Thank you to everyone that entered!¬† Please keep your eyes peeled for more great giveaways coming up VERY soon.¬† I’m excited […]

Presenting: Jenn’s RAQ VIP Award Winner :)

This week, we have a new recipient of my Jenn’s RAQ VIP Award! ¬†I hope that you’ll hop by her blog and get to know her even more!! ¬†I did a fun little Q&A with her and here are her answers! Name¬†Priscilla C. Blog Name and URL¬†Snack bar Reviews ¬† How Long Have You Been […]

What I Think of Product Reviews

I love product reviews. ¬†Before I purchase anything big or new or totally unique, I LOVE to look at honest product reviews. ¬†Furthermore, I enjoy looking at reviews from people I can relate to. ¬†I don’t always love to just check out HUGE websites and trust random reviews. ¬†I love the personal touch of blogger […]

RAQ: How do you save money on groceries?

I’m going to tell you right now that I do NOT clip coupons from the paper. ¬†I have absolutely nothing against it, though. ¬†I basically have an addictive personality and once I get into it, I turn into the folks like you saw on Extreme Couponing or whatever that show was called (we don’t have […]

RAQ: What is a doula??

Well I’m giving a short answer today and I’m answering in the form of a link to a news article featuring… ME!! ūüôā Here it is:Doulas aim to help women have positive birthing experience Woohoo! ¬†Comment back and let me know what you think! Cindeka NealyJennifer Land, left, is one of a handful of doulas […]