RAQ: You seem to go out a lot – Are you doing any kind of deals to save money??

Great question! As a matter of fact, I RARELY go out without some kind of a deal. Tips: *Look for coupons on your receipts when you go places! I’ve gotten several free sandwiches from Chick-fil-a this way (totally free, no purchase necessary) and all I had to do was take an online survey. I’ve gotten […]

RAQ: Friday – Five Favs Day

Alright, I think I’m going to start a new thing on the blog. 🙂 Fridays will be Five FAV days. People are always asking what my favorite this or that is, so let’s feature them! Up this week: **Favorite lip product: Clear Hills Honey lip balm (specifically ANY of the shimmers – YUMMMMM!! This stuff […]

Getting my feet wet…

So I am new to the blogging world for the most part. The last 2 blogs I did were exclusively about homeschooling my own children. I decided to broaden my scope for this blog and branch out so I’d always have fun content. 🙂 I have been looking around online for places to network with […]

My Precious Little Loves

So here it is, heading into the very last stretch of 2010 and I can’t help but think about my precious little loves.  My family has been my life for the past 6+ years!  I have literally had a child in my belly and/or on the breast since mid/late 2004!  No breaks at all here… […]

RAQ: What are some quick and easy recipes to whip up for the holidays?

Oh I LOVE quick and easy recipes! I tell ya, they’re my favorites. 🙂 I have come across SEVERAL great recipes lately. Here are a few gems I have found! PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS IN A MIXING BOWL, COMBINE 1 PKG. DRY SPICE CAKE MIX WITH 1 (16) OZ. CAN PUMPKIN AND 1 CUP CHOCOLATE […]