With Lee in Virginia by Heirloom Audio Productions

If you want to really engage your children in history, audio books and radio dramas are where it’s at. They bring these incredible stories to life in a way that a text book just cannot do. We were recently sent a review copy of the latest Christian audio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions called With Lee in Virginia. […]

In Freedom’s Cause Audio Drama

When I heard that Heirloom Audio Productions was releasing a new Christian audio drama, I was really excited, and so were my children!  We were able to review the In Freedom’s Cause Single Package, which included the CD itself, as well as digital downloads with material to accompany it. In all, we received: The CD Set, Physical copy […]

Under Drake’s Flag Historical Audio Drama

This school year, we’ve already started our schedule of driving to and back home from many activities.  This leaves us with a lot of time to listen to things together as a family, such as audio books or kid-friendly music as we commute each way.  Our family recently had a chance to review Under Drake’s […]