HoneyBaked Ham Makes Easter a BREEZE (and a #giveaway )

Every year, we congregate at my grandma’s house for Easter, and every year she does this enormous amount of work on food that we gobble down in mere minutes.  It’s exhausting for her, and messy, too!  This year, we’re changing our plans.  Why spend all day in the kitchen when we could be spending more […]

Cute Easter Idea for Kids! #EasterPEEPS

It is finally April, and a beautiful spring already here in Texas!  Easter is quickly approaching, and I know I’m scrambling to find cute ideas to make Easter a little more special for my own kiddos.  The folks over at PEEPS® have come up with an adorable idea that would be a lot of fun […]

Meal Planning for Free

Meal planning (or some people call it menu planning) can be a great way to cut down on the grocery budget for SURE.  There are tons of sites out there that help you do it for free.  Some of the sites will just email or post a menu and you can print it out.  Some […]

Paleo Challenge May 2013 – Get Your Kitchen Ready!

As we begin this Paleo challenge together, it is important to get your kitchen ready.  More than likely, you have tons of stuff sitting on the shelves of your pantry, hidden away in drawers, stuffed in the fridge, and lining your freezer bins that will NOT be Paleo. This Challenge is ONLY 31 Days – […]