Nintendo 2DS Price Drops to $79.99!

I don’t normally post about consoles or even sales, but I had to share this.  I got a press release today announcing that the Nintendo 2DS system is going to dropping in price to $79.99 as of May 20, 2016.  Right now, it retails for $99.99, so that’s a big price difference!  It will even […]

Petz Beach for Nintendo 3DS

  With the holidays just around the corner, most parents are scrambling to find fun things to give their kids as gifts.  Petz Beach is a newly released Nintendo 3DS game that fits the bill quite nicely. Petz Beach From the moment my 9 year old daughter put Petz Beach into her Nintendo 3DS, she was […]

Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends

My daughter recently received a review copy of Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends and began playing it within minutes of discovering it in the mail!  She is an avid gamer on her Nintendo 3DS, and she’s always looking for good games that not only test her skill, but that allow her some creativity.  She also […]