WordBuildOnline Vocabulary Review

It can be tricky teaching vocabulary to elementary students, but it is an important part of any homeschool curriculum plan.  My oldest 2 children have had the chance to review a quick and entertaining online vocabulary program called WordBuildOnline, from Dynamic Literacy, over the last few weeks. WordBuildOnline is completed entirely online and teaches students vocabulary through short daily exercises. […]

36 Free Resources to Teach Art to Preschoolers

There are so many ways to teach art, and even the youngest kids can benefit from a good fine arts education.  Here, you will find 36 FREE resources to teach art to preschoolers. Art History Art History for Kids Five and Under: Mark Rothko – http://www.two-daloo.com/art-history-toddlers-preschoolers-abstract-art/ Frans Hals, what’s that on his neck? – http://www.artsology.com/halscollars.php […]

Easy Piano Basics (online piano lessons) Review

We purchased a keyboard last year for my daughter to learn to play piano, and now we’ve gotten a chance to use it with my sons as well. Our latest musical review item has been the Easy Piano Basics course from JazzEdge. Easy Piano Basics Easy Piano Basics is a 32 lesson online course for the piano beginner. […]

A+ Interactive Math (Adaptive Placement Test)

With it being the end of the year, I’m curious to know exactly how well my older kids have been doing with their math curriculum and how we can close learning gaps.  We reviewed a product from A+ Interactive Math called Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan to find out just how well my kids have been retaining […]

La La Logic Preschool Curriculum

My 3 year old and 5 year old love to work on educational websites on the computer.  They were more than willing to try out the La La Logic Preschool Curriculum, which we were given a lifetime membership to for this review.  I mostly used it with my 3 year old, because he is always looking for […]