Christmas 2014

Well, our Christmas celebrations are finally coming to a close!  We’ve had 4 different celebrations, full of presents and goodies. The first one was on Christmas Eve when we got together with the kids’ NaNa and PaPa (my dad).  We had a feast of tamales, mini tacos, poppyseed kolaches (from Czech Stop! YUM), and more. […]

The Natural Birth of My 11 Pound VBAC Baby, Part 2

The labor of my natural birth with my fifth child wasn’t that long, but I feel like there was so much to his birth story!  It’s not every day that someone you know has an 11 pound baby, let alone via a natural VBAC birth, right?  Imagine how weird it is that it happened to me. […]

The Natural Birth of My 11 Pound VBAC Baby, Part 1

I apologize that this is long overdue, but the past 2.5 weeks have gone by in a flash. I’ve had few opportunities to type with both hands, let alone upload the videos and pictures that I wanted to put on here to do this story justice. My sweet little guy prefers to be held basically […]

Baby Update: Week Two

Well, we’re completing our second full week of having Ethan in our family! Time is really flying, just like it did in week one, and it is making me super sad. This week has pretty much just disappeared. We started right back into our normal schedule, for the most part. We had our weekly homeschool PE […]

Baby Update: Week One

Wahoo!  My baby was born a week ago.  I’m working on the birth story, and TRUST ME, you will want to read it! 🙂 In the meantime, I wanted to post a quick update about our first week as a family of 7. Ethan Alexander was born at 6:40PM on November 1st.  We were all […]