Halloween Hands – A Dollar Tree Craft!

If you’re like me, you scramble at the last minute to come up with a clever, unique, and inexpensive craft or snack idea for your kids.  This special Halloween treat is one that is inspired by my mom.  She used to make these for my class when I was in grade school, and it makes […]

Homeschooling Multiple Ages with “Preschoolers and Peace”

The normal day in my homeschooling life is full of little kids running underfoot and trying to juggle their needs with those of my older homeschool students.  Preschoolers and Peace gave me the opportunity to review the ebook Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet.  This ebook retails for […]

Easy Chore Idea for Kids

I have been assigning chores to my kids for a couple of years now.  My oldest is 9, and my youngest is 2.  At one point, I had a chore chart system in place and paid my kiddos allowance if they completed everything.  Since then, however, I’ve decided that chores are a part of life that […]

RECARO Performance SPORT #Giveaway

Safety is such an important thing to consider as a parent.  That’s why we chose to buy RECARO car seats for my children several years ago.  Not only was the price right, but RECARO provides top of the line safety features.  They also come in some pretty cool colors and several different models. How would […]

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse #giveaway and FREE Printables!

Have you heard the news?  There’s a brand new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD out!  I don’t know about YOUR kids, but my youngest 2 sons are totally obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  They are totally glued to it when it comes on, so my youngest was thrilled to hold a brand new DVD in his […]