KONOS Curriculum Information (Plus a FREE Weekly Planner Printable)

What is KONOS? I recently purchased all 3 volumes of the KONOS Curriculum for a killer deal from another local homeschooling mom.  I have had my eye on it for years, but the price tag and the lack of examples of the curriculum itself really held me back.  (You can buy KONOS used online *affiliate link*, […]

Last Minute Free Printable Valentine (Mazes)

Once again, I’m sharing one more Valentine’s Day card for the procrastinator.  If you are faced with a situation where you’re responsible for sending 30 Valentine’s up to school tomorrow and you haven’t even gotten started, this one is for you!  This truly is the easiest last minute free printable Valentine out there. Simply print […]

Quick & Easy GRAPE Valentine for Kids Printable

I know you’re trying to decide if you have time to do some super crafty project for your child’s Valentine’s Day party, am I right?  This printable makes it so easy to just print, tape, and go!  This can be a healthy Valentine’s Day card, or terrific on non-food items as well.   Using anything […]

Super Quick Pencil Class Valentine’s Day Card

If it is the last possible moment and you are scrounging for Valentine’s Day Card ideas for your child’s classroom, listen up! Last year, I didn’t realize we were even going to a Valentine’s party until about two hours ahead of time and had to scramble to come up with some cute, creative ideas.  This […]

20 Free Budget Printables

With tax time here, I thought it would be nice to share some free printables to help out with your budget!  This is the time of year I’m almost always thinking about money.  I want to know how to save it, how to use it, and ways to make a real difference without a ton […]