GREEMU: The Green Alternative to Emu Oil (Review)

I have been using various oils for many things, including my hair and skin, for years.  I have tried Emu oil in the past, but I was recently given the opportunity to try an alternative called GREEMU from Devonian. As you can see from the Oil Certificate of Analysis included with my 4 oz. bottle of GREEMU, it […]

War Room DVD from Review

The other day, I was feeling like watching an uplifting movie.  I was fortunate enough to receive a DVD copy of War Room from to review.  I had heard of War Room, but never had the chance to see it. War Room Movie The beginning of the movie gives a little background as to what a War […]

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review (French)

My daughter has been slightly obsessed with France lately.  The latest American Girl Doll is named Grace and the story takes place in Paris, so she’s been trying to learn a few words here and there on her own.  This was the perfect time to be selected to review Elementary French 1 (Grades 3-5) from Middlebury […]

WordBuildOnline Vocabulary Review

It can be tricky teaching vocabulary to elementary students, but it is an important part of any homeschool curriculum plan.  My oldest 2 children have had the chance to review a quick and entertaining online vocabulary program called WordBuildOnline, from Dynamic Literacy, over the last few weeks. WordBuildOnline is completed entirely online and teaches students vocabulary through short daily exercises. […]

Easy Piano Basics (online piano lessons) Review

We purchased a keyboard last year for my daughter to learn to play piano, and now we’ve gotten a chance to use it with my sons as well. Our latest musical review item has been the Easy Piano Basics course from JazzEdge. Easy Piano Basics Easy Piano Basics is a 32 lesson online course for the piano beginner. […]