The Natural Birth of My 11 Pound VBAC Baby, Part 2

The labor of my natural birth with my fifth child wasn’t that long, but I feel like there was so much to his birth story!  It’s not every day that someone you know has an 11 pound baby, let alone via a natural VBAC birth, right?  Imagine how weird it is that it happened to me. […]

The Natural Birth of My 11 Pound VBAC Baby, Part 1

I apologize that this is long overdue, but the past 2.5 weeks have gone by in a flash. I’ve had few opportunities to type with both hands, let alone upload the videos and pictures that I wanted to put on here to do this story justice. My sweet little guy prefers to be held basically […]

Gender Reveal! Pregnancy Update 22 Weeks

This was an exciting week for us.  As of this coming Sunday, I’ll be 22 weeks if you go by my first, dating ultrasound.  That’s the date I’m using anyway. 😉 I had my anatomy scan this week, and the doctor doing it said that everything looked great.  I was so glad to hear that, […]

Paleo Dinner Tips – Paleo Challenge Day 6

Alright, those of you participating in the May 2013 Paleo Challenge are already noticing things.  Changing the way you eat is a really big decision, such as trying to figure out what a paleo dinner might consist of.  I’ve been really impressed with the dedication and willingness to share of my Facebook group participants.   Some […]